My First Blog

This has to be on nature to begin with. Nature has been closest to my heart all these years.

Nature abounds in forest, rivers, lakes…

Nature abounds in tiger, elephant, sambar, hornbill, cobra, butterfly…

I can do this on Kanha, Ranthambhore, Corbett… some of the best wildlife area of India which I have visited numerous times but first photo file I opened on my laptop is of some photos of Achanakmar Tiger Reserve in Chhattisgarh State of India from my visit in April 2012. I have been visiting this Reserve, off and on, since it was declared a tiger reserve about a decade ago, in early 2000s.

With the creation of tiger reserve, intensive conservation focused management, availability of funds and human resource, Achanakmar is improving by and by. One can notice the change from year to year e.g. improvement in ground flora, decrease in anthropogenic pressures, larger herds of spotted dear and bison, evidence of tiger …

When we look around from a high vantage point (of which several have been created in the Reserve) there is huge mass of trees crowded all over, all around. They seem indistinct. But truth is different. See the stems of some species – they have unique profile – texture, skin, colour, size… but they all stand straight and tall …indeed inspiring.


The nature invites you to explore. Open your eyes and heart and just enjoy.


Pushp Jain

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